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Interesting sights and excursions near Bol on Brač

What is there to see when you come to Bol on the island of Brač? We’re bringing you the most interesting locations and the most spectacular places in Bol’s vicinity.

Zlatni rat (Golden horn)

The most well known Brač landscape is the beautiful Zlatni rat beach. It boasts a unique shape, and has become one of the symbols of Croatian tourism.

Imagine what it would be like to swim and sunbathe on this beach this summer

Perhaps the most special beach in the world, it is one of the symbols of this country, it’s definitely the most common motif for postcards from Croatia.

The spectacular view from the highest peak

Vidova gora near Bol is the highest peak of the entire Adriatic archipelago. From 780 metres tall, it offers an enchanting view over the entire island, as well as over Hvar, Vis, Biševo, Pelješac… On the clearest days, you can even see Monte Gargano in Italy!

Vidova gora will award the effort put into climbing up it with unbelievable views

You can reach the top on foot, and the trip lasts around two hours, or you can go by car.

Experience history in the oldest place on the island

The oldest settlement on the island of Brač is Škrip. You’ll get best acquainted with the long history of the island here.

Škrip, the oldest settlement on Brač

In addition to the famous quarry, there is the Museum of the Island of Brač and the Museum Uja, an 18th-century church, prehistoric ramparts, medieval graves, numerous reliefs…

A monastery complex carved into the rocks

Fleeing before the Ottoman invasion in the 16th century, Glagolitic priests carved and built one of the most fascinating scenes on the island of Brač - the Blaca Hermitage.

The Blaca Hermitage from the 16th century, soon to be under the protection of UNESCO

At first it was a cave enclosed by stone, and today there is a church, a monastery, multi-storey buildings…

Visit the Dominican monastery

The Dominican monastery in Bol was constructed on a small peninsula way back in 1475. Enjoy taking in the impressive interior of the church there, from which stands out the Renaissance image of Madonna and Child.

The Dominican monastery is located in a picturesque bay by a beautiful beach

You can also find a museum there, where you can find a collection of historical objects - coins, old priestly clothes, underwater archeology…

Dragon’s cave

This 16th century cave near Murvica is particularly interesting because of the unusual reliefs in its interior.

The mysterious 15th century Dragon’s cave

It was named after the dragon sculpture carved there. Monks have lived in it since the 15th century.
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