Two famous hotels of the Makarska Riviera, Heritage Hotel Kaštelet in Tučepi and Bluesun Hotel Maestral in Brela, after last year's renovation, are approaching the new season with another recognition. Kaštelet is officially categorized as a heritage hotel, and Maestral will start the 2023 season with one star more.

Maestral was recognized for its renovation last year and now is a four-star hotel. A canonical work of Croatian post-war modernism, a symbol of the architecture of Brela and the Makarska Riviera and once the most luxurious hotel on the Adriatic, was renovated in 2022. Through the preservation of the architecture and interior, the Maestral's spirit has been retained, while maximizing the comfort and safety of guests.

And new investments have already started. A completely new wellness and spa and multifunctional hall are underway. Starting this year, the guests will be able to enjoy their meals on the terrace by the pool.

Kaštelet in the spirit of heritage

Kaštelet, Don Klement Grubišić’s former summer residence from 1766, now, by decision of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, proudly holds the status of a heritage hotel. This means that this historic building has been decorated and equipped in a traditional manner following last year's renovations. The main guiding principle during the renovation was to maintain the spirit of Kaštelet, and the renovation was carried out with special respect for the historical heritage.

This season, the tradition of klapa concerts will continue in the Kaštelet atrium. In its new guise, Kaštelet certainly adds value to the destination, which is recognized by families, couples and all lovers of travel and an authentic experience of the Mediterranean.

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