He cheers you up all year round, looks forward to your every arrival and mourns your every departure. Take your dog on a well-deserved vacation!

Holidays with your best friend

Your dogs are welcome in all Bluesun hotels.* To make them feel at home, we have prepared a few things for them:

  • a mat with a special cooling system, thanks to which they will never be hot (65x50 cm),
  • stainless steel bowl for food or water (450 ml),
  • a toy.

In addition, dog waste bags are waiting for you to keep the hotel surroundings clean.

* not valid for Bluesun Holiday Village Alan.

Dogs at Bluesun Hotels - how?

First and foremost - please let us know that you plan to bring a pet to prepare accommodation for you, but also because the number of dog friendly rooms is limited. You can come to our hotels and holiday villages with 1 dog weighing up to 15 kg. Except in Camping Paklenica, where 3 dogs are allowed.

What are the rules of conduct?


  • do not to leave your dog alone in the room for its own safety, but also for the safety of our housekeepers
  • keep your dog supervised if you are in the room when the housekeeper is cleaning
  • do not bring your dog into the closed part of the restaurant and rooms where food is served (unless the dog is a service dog); dogs are welcome on the terrace of the restaurant*
  • do not bring your dog by the pool and in the wellness area
  • keep your dog on a leash during your stay at the hotel and in all public areas and pick up your dog's excrement
  • provide your dog with all the necessary equipment that does not come in our package
  • bring evidence of your dog's vaccination

In particular, before booking accommodation, please consider whether your dog is potentially too noisy for the hotel. In that case or in the event of disturbing other guests, we reserve the right to cancel further stay in the hotel, regardless of the paid stay.

*except in Bluesun Hotel Marina

Additional costs

  • Damage deposit - €100 (cash or credit card pre-authorization). We refund the deposit at the end of the stay if there is no damage to the room.
  • Additional cost for cleaning: €25/day, valid for: Berulia, Maestral, Soline, Marina, Alga, Kaštelet, Afrodita, Elaphusa, Bonaca, Jadran
  • Additional cost for cleaning: €20/day, valid for: Neptun, Borak
  • See the price list for Camping Paklenica here.
  • Leaving the dog alone in the room - €100. In case the dog is left alone in the room, we retain the right to collect the fine.

Additional costs do not apply to service dogs.

Dog beaches

If you want to let your dog enjoy swimming freely, there are also dog beaches at our destinations.


  • Pročiok Beach is a 10-minute drive from the Bluesun Hotel Maestral and Marina and a 15-minute drive from the Blueusun Hotel Soline and Berulia.
  • Stomarica Beach is located right next to the Pročiok Beach and is surrounded by untouched nature.
  • Oseka Beach is a 10-minute drive from the Bluesun Hotel Berulia and is located in neighbouring Baška Voda.


  • Here, the dog beach leans against Kamena Beach; from the Bluesun Hotel Alga, Kaštelet and Afrodita, it takes 20 minutes by foot or 5 minutes by car from these hotels and the Bluesun Hotel Neptun.


  • The rocky beach, simply called Dog Beach, is less than a 10-minute walk from the Bluesun Hotel Elaphusa, Borak and the Holiday Village of Bonaca.


  • The dog beach is a 20-minute walk from Camping Paklenica; it leans on the east side of the popular beach Kulina, recognizable by the tower Večka Kula

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