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Vision, Mission and Values

Vision, mission and values

Our vision

To be recognizable by service and product quality standard; and to be consistent in promotion of excellence, novelties and future development.

Our mission

To exceed guest expectations. To inspire and motivate employees. To achieve excellent financial results.

Guest who returns – employee who progresses – capital which grows

Our values

The largest values of Sunce hotels d.d. are our PEOPLE!

Sunce hotels d.d. supports its employees, educates them and learns from them.

Guided by the maxim that the guest is the king and center of our attention, Sunce hotels d.d. , before anything, promotes hospitality and courtesy towards guests, by giving special attention to details and offering more than is expected.

Sunce hotels d.d., as the leading employer in destinations where Bluesun hotels are operating, supports local, but also regional development of business conduct areas by fostering innovation and by enlarging competitiveness not only on Croatian market, but beyond.

Responsible business conduct and aspiration towards enlargement and growth.

Achievements and systems of value monitoring

  • Guest satisfaction tracking
  • Employee satisfaction tracking
  • Competency system
  • Standards and standard abidance tracking
  • Performance and competence rating
  • Incentive system
  • Education and development system
  • Financial results as measures of success