"All of the walls are still exactly the same as they were 115 years ago, the tradition of wine making is alive and well in these cellars just as it was back then. The newly renovated winery has managed to maintain a feeling of tradition, but at the same time the modern additions tell a completely new story."

Ivo Kraljević, our "Wine Master" at Stina Winery, was born and raised in Bol, little town famous for the unique Zlatni Rat beach. He's been working with wine since childhood at his late grandfather's vineyard, and his family still has a few areas under vines. This explains his detailed knowledge of wine production and various types of wine. He began working at the winery about a year before it was renovated. "I was really happy when the new wine production and wine cellar renovation began", Ivo says at the beginning.

How do you think Stina Winery can affect Bol and tourism in general?

Bol itself is a very beautiful destination, that is popular worldwide. The winery can contribute very well to high-end tourism, which we actually aspire to. We are not ashamed to bring anyone in for a tour of the winery and the cellars, not even the president, because whoever passes through this door feels the great sense of inspiration that was born here.

So, the winery is actually on the exclusive end of Bol's touristic offer?

Yes and it's very popular, especially with foreign tourists who want a place where they can feel good and taste excellent wine.

What do guests say after trying Pošip or Plavac? What do they compare them with, what do these wines remind them of?

Our wines are very strong compared to other wines in Croatia. Due to the Mediterranean climate, including mild winters and hot summers, the wine itself is abundant with fruitiness and a bit heavier body.

Many guests are awed by the heaviness of the wine, but really they are very mineral and fruity. Guests can usually tell just by the first smell that they're tasting top quality wines. We have not yet received any negative feedback after sampling.

Do guests ask why these wines are not yet available in their countries?

They are actually quite amazed! Most guests don't really understand why, they hear about Pošip or Plavac for the first time, but then we explain that it's because of the relatively small quantities of wine produced. About 70% of the wine bottles is sold here in the winery, while the remaining part goes to restaurants and exports.

People say that Brač island once produced more wine that the entire country of Croatia today! Today the winery makes only about 20% of the production of the old winery, known as the first Dalmatian wine cooperative. However, many people, including the owner of Stina Winery Jako Andabak, are planting new vineyards. One of Mr Andabak's several newly planted vineyards can be found near Brač airport, it covers about 50 ha and is mainly made up of white types. We hope that with this wine production, we will be able to increase exports and make Stina wines less of a surprise for our foriegn guests in the future.

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