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Croatia, the land of a thousand islands and a magnificent coastline, is located at a crossroad where continental, alpine and Mediterranean climates meet.

The country's uniqueness and the cultural-spiritual heaven it represents for visitors are evident in its natural beauty and its historical and cultural heritage.

Geographical location of Croatia

The Republic of Croatia is a democratic state located in South Eastern Europe (geographical coordinates 45°10' N, 15°30' E).

Croatia sits on the Adriatic Sea, spanning an area of 87,605 square kilometres, including an undulating and long coastline.

Croatian coastline

The Croatian coastline stretches over 5,835 km (mainland 1,777 km, islands 4,058 km).

Weather and climate in Croatia

Croatia has a Mediterranean climate on the coast, characterised by mild winters and dry summers, and a continental climate inland, featuring warm summers and cold winters.

Population of Croatia

Croatia has a population of approximately 4.5 million people.

Transport infrastructure

Over the last several years, the transport infrastructure has developed significantly. Modern highways connect the north and the south of the country. The most important road routes between the west and the southeast of Europe go through the capital city of Zagreb. Due to the country's long coastline and its numerous islands, sea transport is particularly well developed. The largest and most important airport is located in Zagreb
(Zagreb Airport -, while other internationally significant airports are located in Split (Split Airport -, Dubrovnik (Dubrovnik Airport - and Pula (Pula Airport - There are also several other relevant airports in the country.

Croatian currency

The official currency is the Croatian Kuna (100 lipa= 1 kuna).

Official language in Croatia

The official language is Croatian. People in tourist destinations speak foreign languages well.

National parks in Croatia

Croatia is very proud of its eight national parks. These areas are known for their exceptional natural beauty and preserved eco-systems:
  1. Brijuni National Park (
  2. Kornati National Park (
  3. Krka National Park (
  4. Mljet National Park (
  5. Paklenica National Park (
  6. Plitvice Lakes National Park (
  7. Risnjak National Park (
  8. Northern Velebit National Park (
Croatia has six sites of cultural-historical and natural beauty on the UNESCO World Heritage List:

As many as five out of these six cultural and historical heritage sites are located in Dalmatia.

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