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Desert Blaca

The once famous Glagolitic desert, also later on astronomical observatory, is found on the eastern slope of the valley in the southern part of the island of Brač, between Bol and Milne.

Back in the 15 century, during the Turkish invasion, Glagolitics priests from Poljice fled to Brač, where the Prince of Brač gave them permission to settle. In 1552 they founded a monastic organization and began to cultivate the land that was given to them. In 1570 they were give permission to build a monestary, constantly increasing their property.

They developed trade throughout their bay which is known by locals today as Popova vala, meaning Priest's Cove. Besides this, an additional attraction is the military tunnel.

Included in the price: boat ride, snack

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Did you know?

• Visitors of the treasury desert have the chance to see a booklet with the handwriting of Croatian Cyrillic script, antique furnitureand piano, old weapons, a telescope and old clocks.

• In this case the desert indicates an isolated village that was built by the monestary priests for the purpose of being able to devote themselves entirely to spiritual life.