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Dragon's Cave

On the southern slopes of the island of Brač, halfway between the destination of Bol and a smaller village called Murvice, in a beautiful, yet unimpaired typical Mediterranean environment, lies the Dragon's Cave. Also known as Dragonjina Cave (od lat. dragos - dragon), it's size, the surrounding landscape, and especially the carved reliefs in its interior, deserves special attention.

Located at an altitude of about 300 meters above sea level, the interior cave being some 19 meters, and three partition walls divided into three unequal parts. The most important is the front part with a small chapel to the right – east side. Although only about 3 meters long, and 2 meters wide, the interior of the cave follows the logic of building a sense of classic Christian basilica, the apses carved in the rock, the central and side aisles to her, given the very small size, gives a distinctive rustic style.

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Did you know?

Dragon's cave takes it's name from the relief of a dragon in it, and it's main purpose was to serve Glagolitic priests with a temple and shelter from the 16th century and on.

• The cave is divided into four halls, including the Chapel of our Lady in the first hall. There are several carvings into the mountainside, including Madonn, the moon and dragons, which scientists have attempted to explain. A common theory is that they are linked to parts of Slavic mythology and Christian iconography.