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Holidays in Omiš: 5 things that you will want to experience

In addition to the town’s sights, the surrounding area of the small Dalmatian town of Omiš is full of natural beauty, historical monuments and spectacular viewpoints. There are also unique sandy beaches. What should you see during your time on holiday in Omiš?

Omiš is known as the town of pirates, and in the old part of town there is a fortress which reminds us of its past in the modern day. Pirates used Mirabela as a viewpoint so that they didn’t miss any rich trade ships passing by in the sea in front of Omiš. It’s more than eight centuries old, even though in 1988 it needed to be restored after a catastrophic lightning strike. If you want a perfect view of Omiš, climb up and see it.

Sandy beaches

What makes Omiš and its surroundings stand out when compared to the rest of Croatia are its sandy beaches. It’s rare that you’ll find as many as there are here. That’s why Omiš and Duće, a place near it, are a favourite destination for families with kids. In addition to the large beach, which is the central beach in Omiš and the beach camp in the centre of town, kilometres of sandy beach stretches from Duće to Dugi Rat.

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Another interesting Omiš fortress is located a couple of kilometres east of Omiš. One of the most spectacular views in Dalmatia can be seen from here - you’ll see the islands of Brač, Hvar, Šolta, the canyon of the Cetina river… And Fortica is also part of Omiš’s pirate history; they used it as a viewpoint and as a refuge.

The statue of Mila Gojsalić

A five minute car ride away, above Omiš, a statue to the legendary local heroine Mila Gojsalić was built by the internationally known sculptor Ivan Meštrović. Standing next to the statue of the proud Mila, which inescapably feels a bit like the statue of Jesus in Rio, you’ll look out onto the mouth of the river Cetina to the sea. The view is truly fantastic.


Even though it sounds like something only the bravest or adrenaline junkies might decide to do at first, the zipline above Omiš actually isn’t quite as dramatic as it looks. More than two kilometres of wire which will take you 150 metres above ground really is an adventure which you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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