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Summer Special

Photo Safari Wild Horses

We take you to the untouched corners of Livno field and mountain Cincara, home of wild horses and before adventure you will have chance to try delicacies of this region. Our drivers will give you an unforgettable off-road experience through jeep ride with breathtaking views. After searching for wild horses and photographing,visit to a museum in the town of Livno, which treasures examples of the most valuable heritage of this region.

Included in price: transport, professional guidance, snack, jeep ride, museum entrance

Reservations and ticket sales available at the reception of Bluesun hotels.

Did you know?

• Situated between big mountains like Cincar and Kamesnica Livno’s climate is more continental than the Mostar and Capljina’s. Winters are very cold and summers are hot.

• From 1326 until 1463 Livno was part of the Bosnian Kingdom. One of the noble families of the Bosnian Kingdom bought Livno, Duvno, and Kupres (12th to 13th century) then called "Tropolje," (Three Fields).