Travelife for Hotels and Accommodation is a certification scheme that helps hotels manage and monitor their social and environmental impacts and pass on their achievements in the form of certificates to their guests. If hotels meet the requirements based on European and international standards and if they successfully pass the sustainability audit, they achieve Travelife Gold certification. Read all about the policies and rules for achieving the certificate itself below.

Environmental policy

Bluesun Hotels recognize the impact of hotel operations on the environment and want to work more efficiently to further reduce that impact. We are focused on reducing energy, water and waste consumption. This policy is implemented in our (daily) business and is relevant to all hotel stakeholders, including our guests.

Activities we carry out:

• We actively monitor energy consumption and make sure to minimize it

• When buying new equipment, we take into account the one that is low-energy and sustainable

• We actively encourage the separation of different waste streams and provide guests and employees with easy access to appropriate recycling bins

• We participate in a local waste recycling program where local authorities provide hotels with central recycling bins so they can separate glass, paper, aluminum and plastic

• We use sustainable products instead of disposable plastic products

• We install energy efficient lighting (LED) in hotels wherever possible

• We are mindful of drinking water consumption by carefully controlling the flow of water throughout the accommodation, including our gardens. We communicate and promote water saving practices to all employees and users

• We comply with all applicable environmental laws

• We periodically introduce water flow restrictions on all taps

• We periodically replace refrigerators with models that do not damage the ozone

• We encourage our guests to support us in our environmental goals through written communication on sustainability.

We regularly train all our employees and educate our guests, suppliers and partners to encourage them to support our environmental management system and contribute to our progress.

Labor and human rights policy

Bluesun Hotels are committed to managing their business in a manner that complies with nationally and internationally recognized labor standards and human rights. We recognize our responsibility to respect and protect these rights in our relationships with employees, guests, suppliers, the local community and all other stakeholders in the business. Bluesun Hotels do not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination, including discrimination based on gender, age, nationality, skin color, sexual orientation or union activity.

We ensure that fair labor practices and human rights are generally supported and promoted through:

• Compliance with all applicable labor and human rights laws

• Regular education of our employees on labor standards and human rights issues

• Transparent employment policy based on diversity, equality and inclusiveness

• Written communication about all working conditions, rules of conduct and employees' rights at the beginning of their employment

• Opportunities for the advancement of our employees, whenever possible

• Allowing employees to join a union and participate in union activities during working hours

• Opportunities for training of all employees in personal and professional development (language courses, training for certain roles, etc.)

• Gathering employee feedback in order to improve their well-being in the workplace

• Prioritizing regional and local suppliers and partners

People are the force behind a successful business. It is the responsibility of the company to provide meaningful employment and we believe in developing the talents of our team and increasing the employment rate for young people.

This policy is available to employees on bulletin boards, as well as to guests in hotel rooms and on the website.

Community policy

Bluesun Hotels are located in the most beautiful destinations in Croatia: in Starigrad Paklenica, Brela, Tučepi and on the island of Brač. We share the lifestyle of each of our destinations with many family members and friends, so it is in the best interest of our hotels to have good and quality relationships with the local community and local businesses we work with.

Our main goal is to improve the quality and service of our hotels, while also contributing to the local community. We are committed to doing business in a way that helps preserve and promote the destination’s culture and heritage, as well as the local economy. We believe that maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the local community is key to ensuring a contribution to the well-being of the local population and their living environment.

Our goals:

• Supporting initiatives that improve community life

• Providing support to the local economy

• Respect and protection of local culture, traditions and way of life

• Support and protection of access to essential resources and services

What we do to achieve our goals

• We encourage our guests to explore the history, culture and tradition of the destination and our local community, as well as the local products and services on offer

• We encourage our guests to support our work in the community through regular charity fundraising and invite them to participate in our annual charity day

• We provide our guests with guidelines on how to behave responsibly outside the hotel in relation to the local population, and the conservation of flora and fauna

• We contribute to the maintenance of culturally and spiritually important places by supporting such events every year and encouraging guests to visit them.

• Where possible, we give priority to local and regional products and services as stated in our purchasing policy

• We encourage the employment of local people in our hotels

• We donate bed linen, towels, furniture and electrical equipment to local charities

• We meet with local authorities at least twice a year as members of the Assembly and the Tourist Council of the local tourist board. Here we discuss issues that will help improve living conditions, lifestyle and (sustainable) tourism development in a certain tourist destination.

• We supported local organizations in providing a better way of life during the winter. We also plan to support all types of activities during the winter holidays (sports and entertainment).

• We use our resources to participate in many local activities. For example, we make our convention centers available to local government whenever possible.

This policy is available to employees on bulletin boards and to guests in hotel rooms and on the website.

Quality assurance policy

Bluesun Hotels are committed to maintaining high standards and ensuring quality for our guests and employees. We regularly ask for feedback from our guests regarding their satisfaction with their stay in our hotels and use it to continuously improve our business.

Guest satisfaction

Through internal and external procedures, we monitor guest feedback and make all the necessary changes to our business operations as a result of this feedback:


• After checking into the hotel, the guest receives a welcome e-mail via the mCheck in system and after a certain time, while still staying at the hotel, the guest also receives a survey questionnaire regarding their satisfaction with the stay at the hotel

• After completing the survey questionnaire, the hotel manager receives it and can solve the problem while the guest is still at the hotel.

• All guest comments are available to hotel directors and management within the sRatings application and are analyzed on a daily basis

• Hotel directors respond to guest comments

• A notice on how to file a complaint is displayed at the hotel reception


• On a daily and weekly basis, ratings and comments are monitored on the platform as the leading online platform with which our hotels cooperate.

• Hotel directors respond to guest comments

• Ratings and comments on the platforms, Expedia, etc. are monitored as well.

All guest suggestions and comments are taken into account for our service and product improvement plans.

Employee satisfaction

• The feedback of our employees, which they have the opportunity to communicate daily, whether it be in person or in writing, is also important to us

• Employee suggestions and comments are considered and feedback is given at team meetings.

This policy is available to employees on bulletin boards and to guests in hotel rooms and on the website.

Health and safety policy

Bluesun hotels take into account the control of the health, safety and well-being of their employees, guests and suppliers who are likely to be affected by the business and activities. We work to maintain a healthy and safe environment for all people involved in our business by:

• We make sure that all employees are trained for work.

• We adequately control the health and safety risks associated with our work activities and maintain safe and healthy working conditions.

• We consult with our employees on issues that affect their health and safety and ask them to provide us with some information about their workplaces and their experience in guest approaching.

• We train our employees on health and safety by providing information, giving instructions and supervision.

• We train employees for fire protection.

• We train employees in accordance with the risk assessment of an individual workplace (eg handling of hazardous chemicals, etc.).

• We provide protective equipment and work equipment for workplaces that require it.

• We comply with applicable laws and other health and safety requirements.

• We regularly check evacuation routes and plans, fire equipment and fire alarm system.

• We have safety signs installed in all hotels to protect our guests and employees from any danger and accidents.

• All hotels have trained First Aid staff.

• Smoking in hotels is prohibited. We encourage our employees not to smoke, but we respect their decision.

This policy is available to employees on bulletin boards, as well as to guests in hotel rooms and on the website.

We invite you to spend your vacation in hotels that meet the highest standards of sustainable development.

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